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T. Wayne Owens & Associates provides a range of accounting and financial management services tailored for the design industry. Our services are specifically geared toward boosting the effectiveness, well-being and profitability of your A/E/C firm. Our relationship with you is the driver – consider us a partner on your success team, providing experienced guidance and advice for your situation and spotting opportunities to position your company for the future.

We work with A/E/C firms of all types – small, large, local, nationwide, newly launched or well established. We will partner with you to:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Manage your FAR overhead rate
  • Plan strategies for costing and multiple-year contracts
  • Collaborate effectively with the DOT
  • Create systems for managing your projects more efficiently
  • Flush out mistakes that could cost you 20% of your current federal government billings

AUDITING – We turn audits from a “necessary evil” into a transformative process for your business. Our goal is not merely to validate your numbers and provide you with a report. Our audit staff draws on our experience with hundreds of A/E/C firms, our firsthand experience with industry best practices, as well as our position as thought leaders in the industry – the result is that you will receive a list of management recommendations that will make your firm better. A T. Wayne Owens & Associates audit will leave you with a better financial management process and reporting system.

ACCOUNTING SERVICES – We’ll help you select, design and implement the right accounting system for your firm and then manage it to ensure you are getting key data to monitor and manage projects, firm financial health, growth and cash flow.

TAX SERVICES – T. Wayne Owens & Associates takes A/E/C tax planning light years beyond basic tax savings. Our knowledge of design industry nuances will ensure that any “tax savings” does not kill your overhead rate, for example. Our tax experts know the unique nature of an A/E/C tax return, are intimately familiar with state reporting requirements, and can provide you with a comprehensive business plan that blends tax strategies with FAR audit strategies for an optimum result.

SUCCESSION PLANNING – Your future is heading your way and we can help you plan for a smooth handoff to the next generation of business owners. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all succession plan – we will work closely with your firm leadership to craft a plan that suits your specific objectives, so that you can look to the future with peace of mind.

VALUATIONS – Our unique valuation model was developed through working exclusively with small- to mid-sized A/E firms. Because we have such a specialized understanding of how design firms are built, we know how to sift through all of the financial data, as well as the critical non-financial factors that CPAs outside the A/E industry miss. This thorough valuation process will provide you with a fair-market dollar amount, presented in easy-to-understand terms. You’ll feel confident as you head into a merger, acquisition, sale, ownership transition, new partner agreement, or conversations with shareholders.

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS – As an A/E firm, your culture and operational process is unique, and having worked with so many design firms, we understand how to address your specific needs when you are considering selling your firm, or buying or merging with another firm. Simply put: We get that your people are your strongest asset. We are not interested in just doing a cookie-cutter deal, but in working with you to reach your goals, and to achieve a smooth integration and operational continuity through the process. Buyer Services include: Acquisition Searches, Pre-Acquisition Assessments, and Project Due Diligence. Seller Services include: Seller Representation, Project Review Services, and Leadership Assessment.

TRAINING – The more savvy your staff is about financial management, the more prosperous your firm will be. We make it our mission to provide training for your project managers and other staff in the areas of project financial management, interpretation of financial data, and creating processes to streamline billing and improve collections.

OUTSOURCED CFO SERVICES – A strong financial management leader can be a catalyst in your firm’s growth, but if your firm is not yet large enough for a full-time CFO, we are ready to step in on a contract basis to guide your financial operation. We will ensure that your systems are in compliance with accounting principles and tax guidelines, and we also provide insights to help your firm enhance profitability and maximize growth opportunities so that you can progress to the next level.

BENCHMARKING – Look to us for the latest A/E/C industry trends and best practices. You’ll benefit from our close partnership with PSMJ Resources, Inc., the leading authority on the effective management of architecture, engineering and construction firms. We benchmark against their leading edge data to provide you with a timely snapshot of your firm’s health.

CUSTOM SEMINARS –Our experts travel to your location to present workshops on a variety of topics. Based on your input beforehand, we’ll design the seminar to fit your staff’s needs. Your team will have a powerful learning experience tailored to exactly what you want, without the hassle of travel. Popular topic: Government Contracting Under the FAR & AASHTO Guides.

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